Can I replace my Lima Original with my Lima Ultra?


Case n°1: You have 2 Lima Original devices and want to replace one of them by the Ultra.

On your dashboard (Lima Preferences > STATUS), unpair the Original Lima device that you don’t want to use anymore.


Unplug and Format (in NTFS, HFS+ or Ext4) the hard drive that was used with this Original Lima device.

On your dashboard, pair the new Ultra device and follow the steps. You can use the hard drive that was previously used with the Original Lima device. 
Case n°2: You have one Lima Original device and want to replace it by the Ultra. 
We highly recommend not to do this.
We recommend that you add the new Ultra device to your Lima account and use both together. Here’s how to do it.
You can also add the Lima Ultra to your account with a new hard drive, wait for Ultra to back up all of the files from the Lima original, then unpair the Original Lima and get the hard drive back for another use. 
This is better because Lima will handle the files transfer itself.
If you still want to replace your Original Lima device by the Ultra without using an additional hard drive, follow these steps:
Copy all of the files from the Lima drive on your computer outside of Lima (for example on your desktop or on any other storage support that has enough free storage). 
Make sure files are properly saved before you go to the next step.
On your dashboard, safely eject the hard drive connected to the Original Lima device (Click on "Manage" then "Eject").
Plug the hard drive to your computer, erase the content and reformat it. 
On your dashboard, pair the new Lima Ultra with the hard drive you’ve reformatted.
Move back the files on your computer to your Lima drive.
Unpair the Lima Original device. 


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