How to combine Lima Original with Lima Ultra?


You possess a Lima Ultra, and would like to keep your Lima Original as a backup anyway?
Well it is possible, and easier to do than what you may think.

Indeed, you can combine your Lima Original with your Lima Ultra, the same way you were doing so with two Lima Original devices.

Actually, the combination of the two Lima models would enable you to back up your files automatically on two different hard drives, and would keep your files safer than ever. You would also have faster backup, faster uploads and faster transfer speeds.

The two Limas can be set up on the same router, or in two different locations.

The set up is identical as before. Here is a little demo video about how to do it. Or you can read this article.

When set up, the Lima Ultra will get new files first, then it will send the backup copy to the Lima Original in the background. Like this, chances are low that you'll encounter any problem with your files.
Your Lima Drive will take the smallest of your hard drives to backup. Two Lima devices are enough. There is not a "main" Lima, both the Lima devices will enssure the backup, together and at the same time.

In addition, Lima Ultra will take care of everything: no more buffering, no more waiting, increased performance and efficiency.

So, pairing your Lima Ultra to your Lima Original is definitely advised !


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