“Damaged Disk” warning during installation


I got a "Damaged Disk" warning! What happened?

During installation, the Lima setup wizard encountered an error while writing and encrypting the content of your Lima hard drive. This may be caused by a damaged or corrupted hard drive.

You should quit the Lima application right away (you will be able to resume the installation later) and performs diagnostics on the Lima hard drive. To quit the Lima App, just right click on the Lima icon that you will find on the desktop toolbar and select 'quit Lima'.
There is plenty of documentation online on how to diagnose and repair disks so we won't go into details here, but we can summarize as follows:

1. Run your Disk Utility tool ('Disk Utility' on MacOS, 'Disk Management' on Windows) and run the appropriate First Aid and/or Repair tools.

2. To perform a more thorough disk health test, you should download, install and run the appropriate tools provided by your hard drive manufacturer (for example, SeaTools for Seagate disks).

Okay, I managed to repair the disk. What now?

Just relaunch the Lima application by right clicking on the Lima icon from the toolbar and select "Resume Install".

Dang, looks like my hard drive is damaged beyond repair. What should I do?

If you do not need, or cannot recover the data from the old hard drive, we strongly recommend to do a fresh installation. Uninstall Lima from your desktop and contact our Customer Support to have your Lima device and account reset (your Lima was paired to the old hard drive and needs to be reset in order to be associated to a different hard drive).

If important data was present on the failed hard drive, you should try to salvage as much data as possible by copying all files to a new hard drive. Refer to this article to make sure to copy the Lima content and database. If done correctly, the new hard drive can be used as a drop-in replacement for the old one. Simply connect the new hard drive to the Lima device. Keep in mind that due to the initial disk error, there might still be files on the Lima hard drive that have not been imported and encrypted into Lima. These can be imported manually later (refer to this article for more information).


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