Lima Share Link: get a weblink to a file in Lima


The first version of Share Link is available today in the Lima Mobile application (Android & iOS) from the Lima version 1.4.0 (desktop support coming soon).

The Share Link feature is available ONLY for accounts with a Lima Ultra device, and for files stored on the Lima Ultra hard drive.


  • How does file Share Linking work?

A Share Link is an internet link to a file, i.e. a link to a specific name and folder hierarchy into your Lima Drive.

It allows anyone owning a copy of the link to download the latest version of the file identified by its path in your Lima account.  


  • A file Lima Share Link  is public and read only

A Lima Share Link is an internet link that is public, i.e. everyone with the link can download the linked file from the link owner Lima Ultra hard drive.

No password is needed to download a file with a Share Link.

Someone with a Lima Share Link to a file cannot modify the file in your Lima account.


  • The shared file is only stored into your Lima Ultra hard drive

A file shared publicly with the Share Link feature is stored into your Lima Ultra hard drive.

Using the Share Link downloads the file directly from your Lima Ultra hard drive. Nothing is stored on our servers. The Lima servers only “relay” data but do not store it.


  • How do I invalidate a Share Link to a file?

There is currently no time limit on a Lima Share Link.

In this first version, to ‘delete’ or ‘revoke’ a Share Link to a file please change the linked file path. In other words, a Share Link will no longer work if you move, rename or delete the shared file in Lima.


  • How do I get a list of the shared files ?

Today in its very first version in the Lima Mobile application, there is no view that lists all active existing Share Links.

It is recommended to keep a copy of the Share Links, via your email for example.


  • How do I create a Share Link on a file using my Mobile Lima application?

Use the Lima application for Android and for iOS, browse into the file hierarchy, press the file “3 dots” “more” button, and choose the “Share Link” action.




The Lima application checks the file availability on your Lima Ultra device (which may take a little time) then generates the public Share Link.

You can now choose the application to share the link with, typically your email application.

The Share Link must be opened in an Internet browser in order to see the shared file name and size:



Press the ‘Download’ button to download the latest version of the file.



  • Trouble Shootings


When I open the link in my Web browser I see “The content you are looking for is currently not available. Please come back later.”.

Try and reload the page in your internet browser. If the problem persists you may retry later because it may be just a temporary unavailability.


This message is shown under the following conditions:

1. The Share Link is not ready yet. It may take a little time for the Lima Ultra to prepare a file for sharing, especially for big files, thus be patient,
2. The Share Link is no longer valid because the file path does not currently exist in the Lima account as far as the Lima Ultra can tell.
3. The Lima Ultra device isn’t available at the time the link is loaded into your web browser; you may check that your Lima Ultra is online using the Lima application.
4. There is a network communication issue


When I try to create a Share Link to a file, I get a ‘Unable to create a share link: no Lima online for sharing’ error. But my Lima mobile app claims my Lima Ultra is online. What can I do ?


This may mean that the device that created the link did not get enough time to synchronize the sharing information with the Lima Ultra device.

    • Go back to the original device that created the link, launch the Lima application and make sure it remains online for a long enough time (about 3 minutes) while connected to the Lima Ultra.
    • If the mobile Lima application was uninstalled after the share link was created, please block the client Mobile application in the devices list using your Lima application for Mac or for Windows:
      1. Lima menu > Preferences > DEVICES
      2. In the device list, look for an offline device that corresponds to the previous Lima application installation.
      3. At the right of the device name, press the grey cross and follow the instructions

If the issue persists, you may revoke the ‘old’ non-functional Share Link (see in above section how to do this) and re-create the Share Link to the file.


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