Authorization screen freezes during installation on macOS



If you can't complete the installation process because the Lima app freezes after the Authorization screen, you have probably another app opened that is blocking the installation.



When installing the Lima application (version 1.4.0) on mac you may face, in rare occasions, the the screen of the Lima application freezes after you've entered your administrator credentials, on the below screen:
mac install authorizationscree

You have probably another app temporary opened that is blocking the installation of Lima. 

To solve this issue simply:

  1. Launch Lima uninstaller that you can download here, then reboot your mac.
  2. QUIT all your other applications that may use your network (such as your internet browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or any live etc ...).
  3. Launch again the installation of the Lima application. Note that you should choose the 'Login' method if you have already created your Lima account.
  4. If the freezes happens again, you can use the mac Activity Manager application to close the applications and processes that uses your network.
  5. After the installation is finished it is recommended to:
    1. Check that the Lima drive is well shown in Finder, and that you see the Lima menu "Lima Preferences".
    2. Click on the 'Repair' button that you will find in Lima menu > Preferences > SETTINGS > Advanced settings > Repair.

If the issue persists and you can't finish the installation process, please contact us by filling this form and our Support team will help you to troubleshoot.


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