Install - Lima found “Already in use"


During the installation process you might see the message “Already in use”. This usually appears when the owner of a Lima device changes (if you're offered a Lima by a friend, for example) and the previous owner forgot to reset their Lima account before giving it away.


If you find yourself in this situation, you will need to reset the device which makes it available for you to use.

Please note however that this procedure only works on the Lima Ultra device, not the Lima Original.


You will see a button, labelled ‘Reset Device’ next to any devices that are already in use. The only exception is if you have already had a Lima device connected to your account. The Reset Device button is not shown for any Lima devices that are connected with your account as it is assumed that you do not want to reset your existing device(s).


Click on the Reset Device button next to the Lima device that you want reset.




You will be asked to confirm the request.


The light on your Lima will start to pulse indicating that it has entered ‘Reset mode’. As a final confirmation step you have to press the button underneath the Lima Ultra. You have approximately 60 seconds to press the button during which time the light will continue to pulse.

If you do not press the button within the required time, the light will stop pulsing and you will see an error message on your screen.



If you press the button within 60 seconds then the Lima will be reset. It might take a few minutes for the operation to complete - please make sure you do not remove the power to the Lima device while it is being reset or you may damage the device.


Once the device has been reset successfully the installation screen will refresh and show the device as being available for installation (‘pairing’).


Note: Feature available from the Lima app version 1.4.6 (Mac and Windows).

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