How to show only files available offline on your mobile?


With Lima, you can decide at any time to download a copy of the files you'd like to view when you're offline.

There are two ways to see which files are available offline.


1/ The Filter view, available on iOS from 1.4.5 (coming soon on Android).

When browsing your files, use the new filter in the upper-right corner to "show only the files available offline". The listed files can be :

- Voluntary kept offline, always saved in your mobile;
- In the mobile's cache (see related article on Lima's smart cache);
- Files that you requested to keep offline that have not completely downloaded yet (= download requested, queued for download, downloading or download interrupted).

Tips: How to turn ON the Filter View and see only the files available offline?

  • Touch the Filter button in the application action bar


  • Touch the option ‘Show only the files available offline’


  • Filter option is now turned ON


  • You can observe at the application top right corner that the Filter is ON



2/ You can get access to your offline content in your settings, from "remove offline files".



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