Installing Lima on Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra)


To successfully integrate with your computer system Lima needs to install a Kernel extension.

In MacOS High Sierra release (2017) Apple has decided to change the way in which applications that need Kernel extensions are handled. In previous versions it was possible for Lima to install the necessary kernel extension without any additional steps from a user. However in High Sierra Apple have added a security step which means that the user has to grant permission to allow the install.


During the installation process the following dialog will appear:


This indicates that the installation of the kernel extension has been blocked as a security measure. For Lima to install correctly you will need to visit

System Preferences > Security & Privacy where you will see something similar to this:


You should verify that the developer is correctly listed as “Lima Technology” and then select Allow.

The installation will pause waiting for you to complete the extra steps required to unblock the security extension. Once the extension installation has been allowed the installation process will continue.



This only affects new users. If you have already installed your Lima device and then upgrade to High Sierra this should not affect you.

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