I got an error using Lima Decrypt tool



  • Incorrect version of Microsoft .NET
    On a Windows computer Export tool requires the .NET Framework to run correctly.
    If you do not have at least version 3.5 installed attempting to run the tool will fail with an error and prompt you to install the latest version.

    Once the installation is complete (you may need to reboot your computer) the Export tool can be restarted.

  • “Couldn't find Lima file”

    If you see this error message, you should check that:

    • The hard drive that you wish to decrypt is correctly plugged into your computer;
    • That the hard drive actually contains a .Lima file (this is the file where your data is kept);
    • You are not running Windows 7.

  • Not enough free disk space

    There must be free space available on the hard drive you are decrypting. The free space must be large enough to store the largest file that you have stored on your Lima drive.

    For example if your largest file is a 1.5GB movie then your hard drive must have at least 1.5GB of free space available before attempting to run the Decrypt tool.

    If the hard drive does not have enough free space available you can try:
    1. If there are, additional files on the hard drive try removing this leaving only the .Lima file
    2. Alternatively you can copy the .Lima to a hard drive that has more free space and then run the Decrypt tool on this second hard drive.

  • Windows 7 incompatibility
    The Decrypt tool is not 100% compatible with all releases of windows 7. If you find that the tool cannot find your Lima hard drive it is likely that the tool is not compatible with your version of Windows 7.
    We are working on a solution to this issue but meanwhile we recommend that you use the experimental package that is described here.
    Alternatively if you have access to another computer (running Windows 8 or higher or Mac OSX) you can install and run the Decrypt tool on this computer - it does not have to be the same computer you used to install Lima.

  • Unrecoverable error

    If the database is corrupted or the HDD is damaged it may not be possible for the Decrypt tool to successfully read the .Lima file. In this case the only solution is to contact Customer Care with the log file.
    Please be aware that if your HDD is damaged there is a high chance that your data will not be recoverable.

  • Log file
    If you need to contact customer care you may be asked to send us the log file from the Decrypt tool. The log file can be accessed via the Help > Show Logs directory menu item.

  • Restricted Windows Characters
    Certain characters are not allowed to be used in file and directory names on Windows.
    If your HDD includes files or folders with names that use restricted characters then the Decrypt tool will not be able to access these files or folders when running on Windows.

    This is a Windows limitation, not a limitation of the tool itself.

    If you have such files or directories we recommend that you run the Decrypt tool on a MacOS system (however, please be aware of the potential difference in HDD formats between Mac and Windows systems).

    Note: At the time of writing this article the list of Windows restricted characters includes the following:

    • Tilde (~)
    • Number sign (#)
    • Percent (%)
    • Ampersand (&)
    • Asterisk (*)
    • Braces ({ })
    • Backslash (\)
    • Colon (:)
    • Angle brackets (< >)
    • Question mark (?)
    • Slash (/)
    • Plus sign (+)
    • Pipe (|)
    • Quotation mark (")
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