How to retrieve Limas' files with the Decrypt tool


The Lima decrypt tool enables you to remove the Lima encryption from a Hard disk drive that was previously connected to a Lima device. Files are read from a .Lima file, exported and saved normally. Once the process has finished you will have a hard drive containing files that are readable from any computer.


Please note: You should read this document fully before starting to decrypt your files.

  • Download the Decrypt tool installation file from one of the following links:


  • Start the Decrypt tool (which you should have downloaded and installed previously).

  • Make sure you have your Lima password and the hard drive you wish to Decrypt.

  • Connect the hard drive.

  • Enter your Lima password.
    Note: This is also a good opportunity to check that the hard disk that was found is the one that you wish to decrypt.

  • Ready to decrypt!
    Once the correct password is entered you will see a summary of the work that the decrypt tool is about to carry out.
    In the example shown, the decrypt tool is going to attempt to decrypt a total of 240 files, that occupy a total of 1.29GB on the Hard drive. 
    Assuming everything looks okay you can start the decrypt process.
  • Export in progress
    The exporting process will start.
    Please be aware that this could take some time depending on the number of files on the drive and their sizes, so please be patient.

  • All done!


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