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The Lima decrypt tool enables you to remove the Lima encryption from a Hard disk drive that was previously connected to a Lima device. Files are read from a .Lima file, exported and saved normally. Once the process has finished you will have a hard drive containing files that are readable from any computer..


Before you start:

  • Currently this tool is not compatible with Windows 7. If you want to decrypt a Lima Hard drive using Windows 7 please follow the instructions here. Alternatively you can install and run the Decrypt tool on another computer.
    However please keep in mind that MacOS by default is not compatible with Windows disks nor is Windows with MacOS disks. More information can be found

  • Make sure that you know your Lima password as this is required for exporting your files.

  • Eject your USB drive from your Lima. To do so, please see here. Once your hard drive is disconnected, plug it into your desktop computer.

  • Download the Decrypt tool installation file from one of the following links:

  • Click on the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.



  • The Decrypt process is effectively an ‘export and delete’ meaning that files that are successfully decrypted are exported and then deleted from the Lima drive. Therefore after running the Decrypt tool (assuming successful completion) there will be no encrypted files remaining on your Lima hard drive.

  • Be aware that decrypting your files can take a long time, depending on the number of files on your hard drive and the size of the files.

  • If you have more than one hard drive to decrypt make sure you decrypt them one at a time - you should only have one Lima hard drive connected to your computer when running the tool.

  • The hard drive you are decrypting must have some free space available on it. The free space must be large enough to store the largest file that you have on your Lima drive.

  • It is worth taking a look at the log file (accessible via Help > Show Logs directory menu item) after running the Decrypt tool. This will tell you if the tool successfully managed to decrypt all the files.

     There are various reasons why the tool may fail when trying to decrypt a file:
    • If the file is damaged
    • If the file is incomplete (i.e. not completely synced to the Lima drive)

  • On windows certain characters are restricted and should not be used in filenames or directory paths.
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