"Account access has been removed from this device"


If you see this message, on your mobile or on your computer when you start the Lima app or while you are using the app, it means that access to the account has been revoked.

This happens when either:

  1. The device, on which you are running the app, is dissociated (i.e. removed) from the account.
  2. The account itself is deleted (in which case the login credentials are not longer valid).

In both cases the result is that the app is no longer usable and therefore must be uninstalled from the device (your computer, your tablet or your smartphone).

For help with uninstalling the app on your device please read this article.

You can, of course, later reinstall the app and login in with a set of valid credentials:

  • If you have only dissociated the device (because it was temporarily lost for example) you can login using the original account credentials
  • If the account was deleted then you will have to create a new account and use the new account credentials to login into the app

See also

What if my device has been stolen, lost, broken or if I merely want to revoke access?

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