How does Lima differ from cloud services such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, iCloud etc?


Lima is different from Cloud services for many reasons:

  • It’s private: your data is stored on the hard drive attached to your Lima device instead of being stored on an unknown and distant server. This way, you keep total control over your data and your privacy is protected: no third-party server, no crawling of your files, etc. Nobody can access your data but yourself.

  • More space available: Cloud services need local storage on your computer. If you want to put 200 GB on the Cloud, it will take 200 GB on your computer. With Lima, you are no longer limited by your device’s storage. Have a 2TB hard drive? Then you can put, access and use 2TB of files on all your devices. 

  • It's yours: you buy a Lima once, get a hard drive that will fit your storage needs, and that's it. No monthly fees. You're not renting space on someone else's computer: you truly have your own storage.

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