How to stream content from Lima to my Apple TV


Streaming my Lima content from my iPhone, iPad Lima application to Apple TV

  • Video and music can be streamed from Lima to your Apple TV;
  • For Pictures or other documents from Lima, you can use the Airplay Mirroring method. For more information on how to active Airplay mirroring, please contact Apple support.


How to turn ON Airplay content from your iPhone, iPad Lima application

  • Use the Control Center standard method: please follow Apple instructions.
    • Once activated, each time you watch a video or listen to a song with the Lima application the media is going to be cast to your Airplay TV.
    • While casting to Apple TV, the application shows the status in the interface via an active Airplay icon in the Music and Video players. 
  • Turn ON Airplay with the Lima application:
    • To cast your video, simply start to watch it using the Lima application then, touch the Airplay icon at the right of the Lima video player top bar.

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To cast your music playlist, simply start to listen to your playlist and touch the Airplay icon at the right of the Lima Music player top bar.

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How to turn OFF Airplay

  • Use the Control Center standard method: please follow the Apple instructions to know how to proceed.
  • Turn OFF Airplay with the Lima application: simply touch the Airplay icon in the Lima application interface, in the Music Player or in the Video Player view, and select your local device in the list.


What can I do while using Lima and my Apple TV?

While you are streaming media to your Apple TV with Lima you can

  • leave the Lima application …  but don’t quit it!
  • open another application that doesn’t cast to an Apple TV such as your email application, for example.
  • lock your device screen.  

While you are watching a video in Lima casting it to your Apple TV, you need to keep the Lima Video Player active: you can’t browse elsewhere within the Lima application.


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