How does Lima differ from NAS devices & NAS solutions like Synology or Owncloud?


Synology, Qnap or Iomega devices are Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. A NAS enables multiple computers and mobile devices to wirelessly acces and share files on a network.

Lima enables you to wireless access the files stored on your hard drive from any of your devices. It's different from a NAS because:

  • Lima is much easier to install and use; it's designed for everybody, not expert only. It's a plug and play device that enables you to built your personal Cloud in 10 minutes.
  • Lima creates a peer-to-peer network between your devices; it's not a one-way access to your hard drive. Your devices are talking to each other. The system works even if the Lima is down for some reason. 
  • Lima dutifully manages your files either you're online or offline; you can still access your data even without an wifi or Internet connection as Lima gives you the possibility to keep files offline.  



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