I don’t have an external USB hard drive


Why do I need one?

If you want to install Lima on your devices, you'll have to connect an external USB hard drive to the Lima. Your hard drive space will be used to store all of your data and you'll be able to connect more than one hard drive if you wish to increase the space of your Lima system later.

Which kinds of hard drive can I use with Lima?

Lima supports all USB mass storage external hard drives and storage bays which don't need a specific driver installation.

Lima supports both USB format 2.0 and 3.0. You can choose a self-powered USB hard drive with a 2.0 port. If you prefer a 3.0 port, it's better to get one with an external power supply.

The minimum recommended size of the hard drive attached to Lima is at least the size of the storage of your computer. Lima is able to handle up to 7 TB of files.

Yet, we would recommend, in case you would plan to connect a hard drive with a storage capacity over 2TB, to choose one that would come with an external power supply.
If you have an external hard drive with a bigger storage capacity, you'll still be able to use it with Lima, but you might have to add a USB3 self-powered hub between Lima and the hard drive.

Although the 7TB limit is recommended for optimal performances, you won't be blocked if you add more than 7TB. We merely can't guarantee an optimal speed balance above this limit.

Lima supports the following file systems: NTFS, HFS+, Ext4. 

Moreover, you can freely try and connect a SSD; it will work as a regular hard drive. You don't necessarily have to go for a SSD, because Lima don't need it to work at its best. You shouldn't feel any difference between a SSD or a regular hard drive, with Lima.

Note that Lima won't be able to access your external drive if it is locked with a password. Make sure it is unlocked before hooking it up.

We don't plan to make Lima compatible with NAS devices. However, backing up your files on your NAS is a very good idea. It should be possible with any backup daemon out there. CrashPlan provides a very good solution for this: their software is free to use if you backup to a NAS.

Where can I go to get one?

You can easily find compatible external hard drives with Lima on Amazon or Best Buy. If you have any doubt about compatibility, check out this article!


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