How do I install Lima on my computer?


Installation takes 10 minutes for everything.

All you need is a computer, to get the installer package from and follow the steps of hooking up your Lima.

During the installation, your Lima device and your computer have to be connected on the same local area network.

Make sure to be logged in through the Admin session.

After creating your Lima account with an email address and your chosen password the app will prompt you to first attach your Lima to your router and then hook up a hard drive to it.

If you use a pre-filled hard drive to Install Lima, we recommend you to backup your data somewhere else before launching the installation process. To know more about this feature and its consequences we invite you to read our article: How do I install Lima for the first time with a pre-filled hard drive?.

From there you can download the apps to your smartphone or tablet and you will start seeing all of your files appear on each of your devices.

Watch out the Lima Installation on video: 


Installation limitations

The Lima application currently has a limitation that implies it needs to be installed and run by one and only one user session on the same device.



Lima application for Windows must be installed and run with administrator rights.

Today, if you install and run Lima using an user account without administrator rights, this may lead to blocking issues. For example, you may have no icon in the File Explorer for the folders and files in the Lima drive. Note also that the Lima application won't be automatically launched after a reboot.

If the Lima application has been installed with an user session without the administrator rights, the Lima application must be uninstalled first. You can then reinstall it on your device with another user session with administrator rights.



We recommend to use a Mac OS X user session with administrator rights.

If you install the Lima application more than once on the same machine, using different Mac users session, without uninstalling each time the lima application, it may lead to a non-functional Lima application.

If you are in this situation, please execute under all the Mac users sessions the Lima uninstaller package. You can then reinstall the Lima application, and run it, under only one Mac OSX user session for the same device.


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