My drive is damaged or disconnected



If you get this error message, please verify that your external drive is correctly connected to Lima. If it is, please follow these steps to ensure that your hard drive is working properly:

  1. Unplug the ethernet cable between Lima and your router. Wait for a minute.
  2. Unplug your hard drive.
  3. Plug the hard drive into your desktop.


At this step, you should be able to see your drive on your desktop. Note that you won't be able to read the data that is stored on your hard drive by plugging it into your computer: your data is encrypted, so unreadable this way. We recommend you backup your data on your computer temporarily (this article may help you).


If the drive appear up on your desktop then, plug your hard drive back into your Lima device. The error message should disappear. You can continue to use Lima as before.

If your drive doesn’t appear on your desktop, it may be damaged. In this case, power on all of your devices which are connected to Lima. All the data stored locally on your devices will be safe. However, all shaded files (only stored on your hard drive) are lost.


If the drive is spinning and shows up but cannot be accessed

If the drive is spinning and shows up in Disk Management (Windows) or Disk Utilities (Mac OSX) but cannot be accessed, then the drive's partition table is most likely damaged or corrupted. It may still be possible to extract the data using data recovery software. Lima does not provide data recovery software. However, there are several kinds of Data Recovery software available. If you do a web search for Data Recovery it will yield plenty of data recovery software options.


If the drive does not show up

If the drive does not show up in Disk Management (Windows) or Disk Utilities (Mac), and you have tried all the troubleshooting options relevant to your drive, then your drive has most likely failed and you will need to contact a data recovery company to retrieve your data.

Lima does not provide data recovery services. However, hard drives manufacturers often do or recommend data recovery partners on their websites that you can use for data recovery services.

To be redirected on the right manufacturers services, click on your hard drive model:

Western Digital





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