What do the different icons mean?


The Lima icons show the status of the files and folders in the device where they are displayed.

File icons:

A Lima icon means your file content is ‘not kept offline’, in other words your file content is not necessarily kept offline in your local Lima cache (it can be remote).

A blue Lima icon means your file content is available.

A black/gray Lima icon means the file content can’t be accessed because the source is not available. It logically means that you don't have a local copy of this file on your device. This should always be linked to a ‘grayed file’ representation.

An Arrow icon means ‘downloading’. This icon can be blue (currently downloading) or grayed out if the download has been paused as a result of network reasons.

The default file property is ‘not kept offline’, and you can switch this property to ‘kept offline’ using the Lima Preferences and Advanced settings. If you choose the option ’Automatically keep an offline version of the files created on this device’, every new file version will be downloaded and kept offline on your computer. It will be available even if the computer is offline.

No icon at all means that the file is kept offline and will be kept offline until you change its properties. It behaves like any other standard file. It also means that it is ‘up to date’ and that no available new version has to be downloaded.

Error icon means that there was an error with this file. The corresponding file content is no longer available.

Folder icons:

A blue Downloading icon on a folder means that all the files in the folder have been chosen to be kept offline and that some of these files are to be (or are being) downloaded.

No icon on the folder means that all its files are kept offline.

Inside the folder with a Syncing icon, and recursively, there are file(s) with a Lima blue or grey icon. Moreover there is at least one file to be kept offline and Lima is downloading the latest version of this file.

A blue Lima icon on a folder means that there are file(s) with a Lima blue or grey icon inside of the folder. In other words, there are files in this folder that aren’t kept offline.


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