What if my device has been stolen, lost, broken or if I merely want to revoke access?


You can dissociate one or several devices from your Lima account on your computer at any time. Your Lima app will be automatically disconnected from the dissociated device. Your data will no longer be available from the device & all i/o transfers with the device will be stopped.


  • Open the Lima preferences from the Lima icon on your taskbar.


  • Click on the “Devices” tab to display the list of devices connected to your account.

  • Simply click on the cross at the right of the device you’d like to dissociate. Click on “Continue”.

  • If some of the files stored on this device have not been backed up yet, the window below will pop-up. Click on “Show files” to display the list of files queued for back up. We recommend you to wait for those files to be completely backed up. To speed up the process, power on the device. Click on “I’ll come back later” to close the window. Otherwise, click on “Confirm”.

  • You’ll be prompted to enter your password in order to dissociate your device.

  • You’re done. Your device has been successfully removed!



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