How should I disconnect my external hard drive from my Lima device?


To Eject safely a Lima USB hard drive before you unplug it, follow those steps:

  • Go to the Lima menu > Preferences > STATUS
  • Click on the ‘Manage’ button of the Lima device.
  • Click on the blue link ‘Eject’ near the Lima USB drive reference.

  • Click on 'Confirm', the Lima drive will be ejected.

When the disk is confirmed as ejected, the Lima device is disabled, and you will see the following message in Preferences > STATUS

When you see the above screen, you have to physically unplug the USB drive to the Lima.

The Lima App may take some time, about a minute in LAN, to be sure that the disk ejection has been correctly taken into account… Please be patient!

To avoid dirty disk and potential data corruption, please never forget to use the Eject functionality.

Note that you won't be able to read the data that is stored on your hard drive by plugging it into your computer: your data is encrypted, so unreadable this way.

If you want to retrieve your files from your hard drive to your computer, please use our export tools.


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