What Android Permissions does Lima require and why? 


When installing Lima on Android, you will be presented with a set of permissions that the app requires. Here's a brief explanation of why Lima needs these permissions.


- Modify/delete USB storage contents.

- Read the content of your USB storage.

Lima needs these permissions to be able to copy, add, remove or store files on your devices.

Network Communication

- Full Network Access

Lima needs this permission to see network change, to know if an internet connection is available, to know if you use wifi or cellular data.

Lima gives you the possibility to synchronize content with other devices across your internet connection or on your local network.

- View Network State

Lima uses this to check if the device has an internet connection available before it attempts to sync.

- View WiFi State

Same as “View Network State” above.

Device ID & Call information

- Read phone status and identity

We need this permission only to identify your device with your device ID. Thanks to this, when you are reinstalling your app, your device won’t be duplicated anymore in your desktop Dashboard as a new device.

Lima doesn't use this permission for phone call or reading call information.

System Tools

- Prevent tablet/phone from sleeping

Lima uses this setting to keep your music player and media uploading up or complete synchronization with your other devices automatically. Lima will keep your device “awake” to perform these actions. When it is finished, it lets it go back to sleep.

- Control vibration

Lima can use your phone vibrator for notifications.

Your data and your privacy are our main concerns. So we will never, ever share any of your personal information without your explicit agreement.


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