How to reset my password?


Note that you will need to use your computer to reset your password. You won't be able to do it from your phone/tablet.


1. Open your Lima preferences from the Lima menu in your taskbar.

    2. Go to the “Settings” Tab.

3. From there, click on "Reset password" in “Your account” section.




4. You’ll be logged out from your account. Unsaved modifications on your files might be lost. Make sure to save them before proceeding. You can then click on “Ok, I saved my work”.




5. Enter your Lima account email then press ‘SEND ME MY SECURITY TOKEN’.

6. You will receive an email with a security token. Enter the Token into the dialog, and specify your new password, then press ‘RESET MY PASSWORD’.




7. You can now close the ‘Password Reset’ dialog pressing the ‘OKAY!’ button and login into Lima using your new password.


  • The Lima applications that are already logged in will stay logged in.
  • The next time a Lima application needs to login, you’ll have to re-enter your password and use the new one.
  • Make sure to use the most recent Token you’ve received by email (a Token received previously won’t work).
  • It’s recommended to reset your password when you’re at home with your computer in the same network as your Lima device. If you face an error when resetting your password, try again multiple times until it succeeds (it may be linked to an Internet connection that is too slow).


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