How to manually update Lima Mac desktop application


Starting with Lima 0.9, it is possible to upgrade your Lima application without having to uninstall the previously installed version (and losing your local cached Lima files).

Please follow the following steps carefully to be sure that you don't encounter any issue during this process:

  • Download the Lima.dmg from
  • If your Lima application is running, please ‘Quit’ (or ‘Force Quit’) Lima using the Lima menu, and make sure Lima is stopped before you continue.

You can now install the new Lima application in the standard way:

  • Double click on Lima.dmg, it will open a Finder Window
  • In the opened window, drag and drop the ‘Lima’ icon to the ‘Applications’ icon
  • Double click on the ‘Applications’ icon in order to open a Finder Window and see the content of the ‘Applications’ folder
  • Double click on the Lima application icon to launch it.

You can be prompted to enter your password at this step, please don’t forget to do it!

At the end of this process, you’ll see the Lima drive mounted and you’ll be able to access all your Lima files.

If you run into any trouble, such as no overlays displayed or no access to the Lima context menu, Download and launch our MacOS App Uninstaller then reinstall the Lima application. These issues should be solved then.


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