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How does Lima display your files?
In order to provide the best experience, Lima is set up to display your files and content in the nicest way possible.  
To do so, Lima accesses the metadata of each file when downloading or streaming it.  
What are the metadata? The metadata act as a marker on a file, able to identify and describe all the elements that will make this file displayed in a nice way, such as thumbnails for videos and pictures or media infos for music and movies (artist, album, actors, cover…).  
On your computer, the « metadata worker » setting is ON by default, enabling Lima to produce the metadata.  
At any time, you can switch it OFF using the Lima Advanced Settings in your desktop Lima preference dashboard.  
Why aren’t some files correctly displayed and how to fix this?
On your computer, the Lima application is configured by default to optimize your desktop local storage space. Therefore, the metadata might not always have time to be fully generated. Don’t worry, your files will be accessible all the same, they just don’t look exactly as pretty as they can.  
If you want to avoid this situation, you can:  
1/ Activate the option “Automatically keep an offline version of the files created on this device” in the Lima Advanced Settings in your desktop Lima preference dashboard.  
All the files you add to Lima from this computer will be kept offline by default, which will ensure the metadata generation.   
2/ Trigger the metadata generation for the files of your choice by switching the « Keep offline version » mode ON for these files on your computer. Once these files will be downloaded, the missing metadata will be generated for these files and therefore accessible on your mobile devices as well.  
To check if the metadata worker has finished to generate the metadata, just have a look at your Lima files on one of your mobile devices to see if they are well rendered (thumbnails, info…).   
Once the metadata are generated for a file, you can choose to switch the « Keep offline version » mode OFF without losing them! 


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