MacOS-specific issue: I don’t see the Lima icons on files in Finder, nor the Lima context menu to keep my files offline.


Depending on the number of files you’ve added to your Lima, it may happen that the overlays in Finder need about 30 seconds to 1 minute to appear and be refreshed correctly.

If you’ve just installed the Lima application, or if the Lima application has just been updated, it is recommended to reboot your computer, as this could help solving all the overlays issues.

If you don’t see the overlays after 30 seconds in the Finder please take the steps to reload the finder:

1. ALT +right click on Finder icon
2. Select "relaunch" menu item


Then, use the ‘Repair’ button available in the Advanced Settings of the app.

Clicking on ‘Repair' will help you solve the issues you may encounter with Spotlight, Trash, or Finder with Lima overlays, especially if you didn’t correctly enter your administrator password, and/or if the issue persists after a computer reboot.

Please note that clicking on ‘Repair' may freeze the application for a few seconds and, if needed, will prompt you to enter your administrator password.



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  • I just loaded Mac OS Mojave. It promptly told me I had a problem with FUSE. I fond out that it was related to my LIMA. I uninstalled FUSE, and loaded the newest sub from Mac. I downloaded and installed the Mojave Lima. Or tried to. The I used the LIMA Mac uninstaller in case the old LIMA and its FUSE didn't completely uninstall. Then I tried again with the Mojave LIMA. Still no luck. Any thoughts?

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