How to clear the Lima Database cache


When you add files to the Lima drive, they are temporary taking space during the transfer, but will release it right after that.

We recommend you to make sure you've got enough space on your local memory to keep the files you're transferring in cache during the transfer.

If your Lima desktop app tells you that some files are left to transfer it means that they are in cache on the local disk all right but not on the Lima yet: the process is asynchronous and it could actually take some time.

The cached files on the local device will be deleted some time after the transfer is done, doing so manually might lead to a corruption of the file. However, you can force empty cache using the Lima menu:

1. Keep an offline version of your files

2. Remove the offline version

To be sure take a look at the files on the Lima folder, they'll show up with the blue Lima badge. If the transfer is not completed yet they'll be grayed out and show up as "available on device's name".

To clarify take a look at the meaning of the badges here.

Be careful!

The Lima database folder is not removable as it contains important data which might have not been backed up.

Removing this folder could cause critical loss of data. We decline any responsibility for all damage resulting from the deletion of the database.

On Mac OSX, the default directory is ~/Library/Application Support/Lima/fcfs.db, where ~ is the user's home directory.

Default folder on Windows OS (there is a warning if you try to delete it) is C:\Users[your_username]\Appdata\Roaming\Lima\db

If another drive have been chosen to store the database during installation, it won't be protected.


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