How to transfer my music from iTunes to Lima


Now that you have a Lima, let’s build together your music library so that you can travel the world with your favorite tunes in the pocket.

You’d like to transfer your iTunes library that is on your computer to your Lima drive? Here is the easiest way to do it:


Open your music library

First thing to do is find the music files. To do so, go to your Music folder, and click on the iTunes folder. You’ll see folders of each albums or artists that are listed in your iTunes library.


Select your music

Select the music folders you want to have in your Lima. Drag and drop those folders into the Music folder in your Lima.


And that’s it! Easy right?


What about my iTunes playlists?

The feature to transfer your playlists is not available at the moment. You can choose to listen to your music by Albums, Artists, or Files. 


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