Backup plan: How to add a new Lima to my account


Adding a new Lima device (Ultra or Original) to your existing account protects you from hard drive failures and gives you faster access to your files. Your Lima devices will automatically work together to replicate your content.

Note that one account can manage up to 4 Lima devices.

From the “Status” tab, navigate to the Lima status, then click on “Pair a Lima” at the right of the mention “Improve your system by pairing a new Lima”.

During the installation, your Lima device and your computer have to be connected on the same local area network.

You’ll be prompted to fill the checklist first: make sure to have an empty hard drive with a minimum size equivalent to the hard drive plugged in to your first Lima device.

You can then power up your new Lima. Connect it to your Internet router and plug an USB hard drive to it. The installer wizard will then scan your network to discover your Lima. Note that your first Lima may also appear with the mention “Already in use”. Pick the available one in the list.

The pairing process starts. Once it’s done, click on “Finish".

Get back to your Lima Preferences and see your new Lima appear at the top of the list in your system from the “Status” tab.

Please note that your Lima will take the smallest of your hard drives to backup.
Two Lima devices are enough.
There is not a "main" Lima, both the Lima devices will assure the backup, together and at the same time.

Is it possible to add a new Lima to my account from a device that is not mine?


Let’s say you would like to install your new Lima device at your girlfriend’s place but do not have your computer with you. You might want to do it from hers.


First of all, you’ll have to install the Lima application on her computer then login to your account to access the pairing process described below.


Her computer will now be considered as a new device in your account and will be granted access to all of your files. If you don’t want that to happen, simply dissociate her computer from your account after having paired your new Lima.


See how to dissociate a device from your account.

How do I know if my files are backed up?

The system status keeps you up to date on the backup process. Find out more by clicking here. 


May I change the location of one of my Lima devices?


Sure. Simply disconnect your Lima from its old place and plug it back to the new.

To avoid your Lima to be connected in relay mode, see how to enable direct connection



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