How to transfer my photos to Lima


From your desktop



On your computer, go to the folder where your pictures are stored.

Once there, just copy and paste the folder you'd like on your Lima drive into the "Pictures" folder on your Lima drive.

From iPhotos or Photos

If you are using Mac, then your photos will be located into your iPhotos or Photos app. In both cases, you will need to export them as directly accessing the iPhoto Library from the Finder is not supported by those apps.

To do so, open iPhotos or Photos app. Select your pictures, or albums, then click on File on the toolbar, then Export.

You can export them directly into your Lima drive!

From your Gopro or Camera

Insert your SD card into your computer. You just need to copy and paste the pictures from your SD card to your Lima drive, under the "Pictures" folder.

From your smartphone

This one is the easiest: nothing to do! Once you gave the permission for Lima to access your photos and videos, and checked the ‘Camera uploads’ option is turned ON, Lima will automatically upload the photos taken with your smartphone to your Lima drive.

If you want an instant download, then you should allow the upload of photos and videos via cellular (In your smartphone Lima app >> Settings ). If you're afraid it will eat up your bandwidth, turn it off, and Lima will upload the photos and videos on WiFi only.



Once uploaded, they will be in the "Mobile Flow" folder: you can then access them from any devices connected to your Lima.



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