How do I install the Lima client on Linux?


To install the Linux app, please follow these steps.


The linux Lima client is available as an RPM package, a DEB package or a tarball. Which package to use depends on the Linux distribution:

The RPM package

The RPM package is tested for the latest Fedora Linux distribution but should work on other RPM-based distributions, such as OpenSUSE or CentOS. To verify the package RPM signature, first import Lima's RPM public key with

rpm --import ""
The DEB package

The DEB (for Debian) package is tested for the Ubuntu 14 LTS distribution but should work on other DEB-based distributions.

The tarball package

The tarball package contains the "raw" executables and resources used by the Lima linux client. The tarball does not include scripts to install the linux client, but rather is intended for linux distribution packagers who wish to create their own package.


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