Does Lima provide backup?

Yes, by adding a second Lima device to your account, all your data will continuously be duplicated on your two Lima devices.
See our article about how to add a new Lima to my account.
Why should I duplicate my data?
Your files are precious, and that's why security is one of our top priorities. One Lima device keeps them safe at home. Two Lima devices make them even safer thanks to a continuous backup, ensuring protection in case of hard drive damages.
For an optimal security, we recommend to place your two Lima devices in different locations.
How does it affect my Lima devices?
On top of ensuring extra security for your data, pairing two Lima devices to your account increases their performance by improving upload and access speed.
Please note that the storage capacity of the second hard drive won’t extend your overall storage capacity. We therefore recommend to choose hard drives with the same capacity.
There won’t be a « main » Lima, the two Lima devices will back each other up together and at the same time. Your account can handle up to 4 Lima devices. 





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