What are the System status?


Accessing your Lima preferences, you can have a quick overview about the status of your files stored in the Lima drive.

Backed up files


These files are currently stored by 2 or more Lima devices, providing you with full protection against hard drive damage.

Files on Lima / Files queued for backup


These files are stored on one Lima device. If you own more than one Lima device, a copy is being sent to your other Lima devices for backup.


Files queued for upload


These files are being uploaded to your Lima device(s) from your computer.


Files queued for upload from other devices


These files are about to be transferred from your other devices to your Lima device(s). You can access them from any device, but they won't be available all the time until they're transferred to your Lima devices.


Note that if you have uninstalled Lima from one of your devices before completing the transfer of its data, the files will still appear in the system and won’t disappear until you dissociate this device from your account. Read our article about how to dissociate a device.


Unused space


That's how much space you've left to store your future adventures.



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