How to remove a Lima device from my account


If you have paired several Limas to your user account, you can remove them at any time. Note that you must have at least one Lima paired to your account.


Remove a Lima device from your account could cause a loss of data if there are pending transfers in the background.

Make sure that all your files are backed up on the remaining Lima devices before removing one of them.

Simply hover your mouse over the bar displayed in the System status to get more info about the status of your files.

All your files are backed up! You’re ready to go.


  1. Navigate the Lima status and click on “Manage” at the right of the Lima you’d like to remove.

2. Click on “Unpair this Lima device from my account” below the Serial number of the chosen Lima.

3. Click on “Continue”. You’ll be prompted to enter your Lima account password.

4. Confirm the operation. The Lima will be automatically reset so that it can be used with another account or paired again with yours if you want to reinstall it later.

5. Your Lima device has been successfully unpaired. Click on “Finish" to close the window.


If you need to retrieve the files stored on the hard drive originally used with this Lima, use our export tools.

You can then format the hard drive if you want to use it in a regular way.


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